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About Us

My name is Karen and I worked for 14 years as Clerical Support in a Pennsylvania county probation and parole office. Fours years ago I retired and moved to the Florida panhandle where three of my four kids and 2 of my 3 grandkids live. Retirement is great, but I'm not ready to stop!

"We" are a very small company of one! I started looking into Ecommerce after I retired and moved to sunny Florida. My son-in-law has an online business and he said, "Mom, you should sell Concealed Carry Purses online". I thought it was interesting, so I looked into it. It's taken me almost 3 years, a lot of attempts and a lot of failures, but I think I found what I was searching for - helping people to protect theselves.

Not everyone is a fan of guns so I wanted to provide an alternative method of defense that was non-lethal, a place to find quality products at affordable prices, and the peace of mind that you and your family are protected and your homestead is ready.

*If you are a gun carrier, check "our" other website jaggerbushdefense.com for concealed carry purses.